My freelancing journey began in 2013, a year after I got married. You know, a flood of realizations sweep you over once you get committed and that happened to me. I wanted to have more time for my partner, for myself, for homemaking, and for couple growth. Time was that one factor I could not have and that’s when an alternative hit me: freelancing.

Freelance online ESL teaching paved the way for what later would be my freedom from the traditional job set up. 9 years later and I’m still a freelancer and have not looked back ever since. I’ve worked as a virtual assistant and have taken writing, transcribing, and marketing jobs.

This is how embracing the gig economy and being a freelancer changed my life.


Because freelancing often involves working with different clients on various projects, this arrangement helped me become more adaptable to different working styles, industries, and requirements.

Over the years, I have become more comfortable with uncertainty and change, learning to adjust to new situations and challenges.


What I love about working in the gig economy is the freedom that comes with it. Due to this nature, I became more self-motivated and disciplined to stay productive without the structure of a traditional office environment.

Freelancing often involves being your own boss. This autonomy shifted my mindset towards self-reliance and independence. I learned to make decisions, set priorities, and take responsibility for the outcomes of my work.

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💻Entrepreneurial Thinking

Embracing the gig economy encouraged my entrepreneurial mindset. I started seeing myself as a business, identifying opportunities, managing finances, and thinking strategically about my career. This shift led me to a more proactive and growth-oriented mindset.

💻Communication Skills

Working with diverse clients and colleagues enhanced my communication skills, including written and verbal communication, active listening, and understanding their needs. In my 9 years of freelancing, I’ve encountered unique challenges and finding solutions independently helped improve my ability to express myself.

💻Building Resilience

There’s truth to what they say that freelancing can be unpredictable, with fluctuating workloads and income. I must say that developing resilience and the ability to bounce back from setbacks is vital in this field.

💻Continuous Learning

One important mindset I acquired over the years is to stay relevant and competitive because the gig economy is very dynamic. It’s a must to upgrade my skills and knowledge.

💻 Results-Oriented Focus

In the gig economy, we often get paid for the value we deliver rather than the hours we put in. This really changed my mindset to be more results-oriented. I became focused on achieving outcomes and delivering high-quality work, emphasizing efficiency and productivity.

💻Creativity and Innovation

Embracing the gig economy has allowed me to explore and express my creativity, foster innovation in problem-solving and project execution.

After the Corona pandemic, more and more people are switching to online work. There’s flexibility, work-life balance, and diverse job opportunities. The traditional work landscape has indeed changed and I was just fortunate enough to enter at an earlier time. 

Of course, not everyone’s freelancing experience will be the same and personal growth depends on how one approaches and navigates their freelancing journey. But I believe that by being proactive, open to learning, and embracing new experiences, one’s life can become better through freelancing.

The flexibility that freelancing provided allowed me to break free from geographical constraints. I’m not bound to a specific location and I can have the digital nomad lifestyle. I can work from cozy cafes, bustling co-working spaces, and even exotic destinations. 

This freedom not only fuelled creativity, but also brought a sense of fulfilment and balance to my life. And I won’t trade it for my old life abroad!

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  1. Completely agree. I too have recently left my job to be a freelancer. Your post has motivated me even more. Thanks

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