Hey there, wonderful people!

I’m a big believer of wondering, in wondering.

There was a time in high school when I found out that a sundae actually tastes a lot nicer when I added a powder creamer on top of the chocolate syrup.

During my university days, I entertained the idea of working part-time and this led me to my first 2 paying jobs, being a student assistant at the Accounting Department of the Philippine Normal University (where I graduated) and being an usherette at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

When I reached my 30, a thought about virtual work popped up and since then I slowly transitioned from working overseas in a traditional set-up to working online.

All these -aha! moments started from wondering.

I built this site to serve as a vehicle to show you that cultivating a sense of wonder can yield to creative learning. Life is short to not spend it in wondering!

For me, there are no constraints in creative learning. It involves introspection, prediction, and experiment. Through my blog, resources, and courses, I hope that Snippets of Wonders will be your Creative Learning Hub!

I’ve lived most of my life in the Philippines, 7 years in Brunei, and I’ve been living in Sri Lanka for the last 6 years. I don’t know where life will take me next. One thing is for sure, though, is that my wonder for learning, travelling, reading, and pursuing my many other interests will never cease.

For me, there’s always an option to live life differently…only if we WONDER enough! Let’s keep wondering!

How can you benefit from Snippets of Wonders?



You can learn from my courses for a minimal fee and have an online coaching session with me!



You can get insights, ideas, and strategies from the content I put on my blog. Leave a comment and let’s have a healthy online discussion!



You can download my guides and worksheets from this section. Take whatever resonates with you!

Why learn with Snippets of Wonders?



Our courses are for self-directed, motivated, and disciplined adults who prefer to learn outside the four walls of the classroom. We use techniques and tools to boost creative learning.



Our learners will gain quick wins and see results right away because our lessons are designed to prompt you to take action.



In our sessions, the community is incorporated to give you personal enrichment. Our development is not just for our sake, but it is for the benefit of others, too.

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    No one can discount the reality that in today's world, more than ever, creative learning is essential, especially if you want to thrive in an environment that's constantly changing.   Creative learning starts from cultivating a sense of wonder. Learn with me and benefit from my years of exposure and experience in teaching.   Maria Nerizza S. Veloso
    • BS Education (Philippines)
    • Licensed Professional Teacher (Philippines)
    • TESOL-Certified (under TESOL Asia)
    • M. Ed in Leadership & School Improvement (Brunei)
    • Best Lecturer 2019 (Metropolitan College Sri Lanka)
    • Diploma in Strategic Brand Management (Sri Lanka)
    • Certificate in Entrepreneurial Marketing (Sri Lanka)
    • Certificate in Digital Marketing (Sri Lanka)
    • Certificate in Management and Entrepreneurship (Sri Lanka)

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