Uncontrollably Fond K-drama

Let me share with you the reasons Uncontrollably Fond K-drama is so worth your time and tears this weekend if you’re planning to binge watch!

If we’ve been friends for a long time now, you know that I’ve been a big follower of Korean drama series ever since 2005! I’ve just finished the Uncontrollably Fond K-drama and this is my third time. Mind you, I’m still reeling and crying! You might be wondering if I’m naturally just an empath or I simply like wearing my heart on my sleeve. I wouldn’t be surprised if I will catch myself crying over it again even if it’s my fourth time watching it.

❤️Uncontrollably Fond K-drama gave me an acceptable ending.

In the latter part of Episode 4 when Noh Eul (Bae Suzy) was explaining the concept of the documentary to Shin Joon-Young (Kim Woo Bin), it was then that I knew there would be a sad ending to their story. 

Shin Joon-Young : “I can’t understand a word of what you’re saying. Can you make it simpler?”

Noh Eul : “Simpler? That was the simple version.”

Shin Joon-Young : “I’m a little dumb.”

Noh Eul : “It’s easy. Some young people want to die because life’s so tough. Don’t do that. Continue living. Don’t die. That’s what you need to say through your bucket list. Tell them that life is worth living, whatever the price may be. Tell them how beautiful life is. It’s a blessing from above. They should have hope and courage.”

There were many other instances in the episodes that told me it wasn’t going to be a happy ending. Despite this, I still went on watching and anticipating that the plot would justify a noteworthy ending. True enough, this drama did not disappoint. 

You know that feeling when something is like a whirlwind, but a good kind of whirlwind. It was like being on a roller coaster with all the ups and downs and twists and turns, but you know when it’s over that you’re going to be happy you did take the ride. This was what I felt the whole time I was watching.

Had I watched this Korean drama in my youth, I would have hated it. Thank God that it did not exist yet at that time! Although it is admittedly painful, I love how the Uncontrollably Fond K-drama series ended in a sad but realistic way. 

The ending was real, relatable, and honest. It was not an easy journey for any of the characters in this story. All of them had so much baggage from the past that made it hard for them to move forward. Somehow, the death of Shin Joon Young seemed to be the healing that they all needed. 

You might think that a happy ending is the best way to end the story for Noh Eul and Shin Joon Young — and it can be! But had that been the case, it would feel like we’ve lost an opportunity for something more meaningful and alive.

❤️ It yielded to a good cry I didn’t know I needed.

Some people look for stories that give them laughter or inspiration. However, there are people in search of some good old tears. I’m one of those. If you’re looking for a good cry, look no further than Uncontrollably Fond. This Korean drama will definitely give you all the feels. 

There are episodes that are told in flashbacks and these add to the build up of emotions around the story. Somehow, these flashbacks make you understand the dimensions of the characters, too. Because you can relate to the reasons for their choices in life, it makes you cry. You can identify with the regret, longingness, loneliness, and hope displayed by the characters. 

With all the dramas I’ve watched, I can say that sometimes the most cathartic experiences are those that make you cry. They unearth feelings within you that you don’t even know are there. Uncontrollably Fond K-drama is something that will really tug at your heartstrings. 

If you are anything like me and need some really good stories to watch that make you cry like a baby, go and watch. Don’t forget to grab your box of tissue paper. After a good cry, go and have some nice sip of tea.

❤️ It exposed me to heartwarming unforgettable dialogues and lines.

Have you ever noticed how some plots can strike a chord with you? I’m easily taken by dramas that have dialogues that make me ponder about life and stir my emotional side. I believe that dramas are meant to bring people together and that’s why dialogues between characters are important. Uncontrollably Fond K-drama is loaded with a set of heartwarming unforgettable dialogues and lines. Here are my favorites!

  • “I am good at waiting, even if it is a thousand times but the thing I am most worried about, is the fact that one day I may not have to wait for him.” – Noh Eul
  • “In this world, there’s nothing more powerful than love. No matter how strong the storm is, love can overcome it all.” – Shin Joon-Young
  • “Even if I have to live in pain, I want to be with you until the end. I want to cherish the time we have left.” – No Eul
  • “I’m going to leave soon, but you need to stay here and live.” – Shin Joon-Young
  • “And when it snows, I’ll think that you dropped by. Thank you for being my son.” – Shin Young-Ok

❤️ It reinforced my belief in the existence of that one great love.

Some people might criticize and say that plots with one great love as their theme are already overused. There are those who are still drawn to stories with this topic and I’m one of those.

Stories about one great true love are popular as they invoke emotions of nostalgia and longing in people. There is always a lesson to be learned that can inspire your life. It could be related to love, friendship, loss, or an unexpected event which turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

Because life can be cruel and messy, not everyone has that great love story – where both partners live happily ever after. For those who have lost their great love or never had one in the first place, stories that offer hope and remind us of how wonderful love can be are a balm to the soul. This is also another reason why I’m are attracted to this kind of theme.

What makes stories so universally loved and appreciated? What makes all of us go back to some stories over and over, and never get bored of them? It’s those that make us believe, hope, and dream.

Uncontrollably Fond K-drama will make you feel sentimental and hopeful for that one true love to come your way or come back to you.

❤️ It introduced me to a great soundtrack.

Bitter-sweet romance, tragic separation and passionate reunification – that’s what this drama is about. It’s a melodrama that will make you cry, laugh, feel overwhelmed with emotions and numb with its sorrowful soundtrack.

These are my favorite songs from the official soundtrack:

  • A Little Braver by New Empire
  • Only You by Junggigo
  • Picture in my Head by Kim Woo Bin
  • I Miss You by Hyorin
  • Golden Love by Midnight Youth
  • Don’t Push Me by Wendy and Seulgi
  • Love Hurts by Hwanhee
  • Across the Ocean by New Empire
  • Chaos by Various Artists
  • Say Goodbye by Kim Na Young
  • I Love You by Kim Bumsoo
  • Do You Know by Kim Woo Bin
  • Need Somebody (instrumental) by Various Artists

Do listen to these songs and they will melt your heart!

❤️ Uncontrollably Fond K-drama taught me a big lesson on sacrifice.

One of the most powerful human emotions is sacrifice — selfless deeds and actions that show little regard for one’s own needs. Regardless of whether it was for good or not, all of the characters in this drama had to exchange their own happiness for the sake of something bigger and better.

While sacrifice can be seen as a noble and selfless act in many situations, I feel that is not always a good thing and not always necessary. This drama gave me a refreshing take on sacrifice. It should not be a constant and one-sided practice. Shin Joon-Young’s mom had to sacrifice her love to allow her partner to pursue his dreams of becoming a lawyer prosecutor. Because of that, she had to keep her pregnancy unknown and raise Shin Joon-Young without a father. Shin Joon-Young’s father had to sacrifice his love and got married to somebody else who could help him with his dreams. Shin Joon-Young kept his feelings for Noh Eul aside because he knew that his father had to do a lot with Noh Eul’s misery. They all had to give up something important to them. I saw from the turn of events how this sacrifice had a direct impact on the lives of the other characters.

Suppressing personal aspirations and desires will eventually lead to unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

❤️ This wonderful Korean series made me a little braver.

Everyone wants success, happiness, inspiration and joy, but sometimes a little sadness is also helpful. Uncontrollably Fond is one Korean drama that helped me get through anxious times in life, especially during the pandemic. It emphasizes the importance of cherishing the present moment and not taking time for granted. It reminds us to make the most of the time we have with our loved ones. It gave me a different perspective on the fragility of life and it made me a little braver.

When we look at the characters in a story and understand their struggles, it makes us a lot braver. Even though these are fictional characters, they make us realize that everyone has fears, everyone has sad days and no one is immune to sadness. 

Uncontrollably Fond is captivating. It offered me a glimpse into human suffering and helped me to feel less alone. The theme of redemption and second chances also resonated with me. It is possible to grow, change, and make amends for our past mistakes, no matter how ugly they are. This is what makes us brave.

You should not miss Uncontrollably Fond K-drama!

Uncontrollably Fond has everything you could want: great characters, beautiful soundtrack, heartwarming dialogues, and a really compelling story.

If you’ve watched this series before, what did you think about it? Comment down below!

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