It was in the latter part of 2022 when I told myself, I’m going to think bigger and beyond me in the coming years. I’ve survived the Corona pandemic and have gone through 14 to 16 hours of power cuts in the country. I’ve lived through the economic crisis in Sri Lanka.  I said to myself, “I can take on anything in life”. 

So, I plotted my first international trip and made it happen in Quarter 1 of 2023. I did it again in Quarter 4 of 2023. In total, I spent 67 days traveling abroad. I visited India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and Cambodia.

Many people asked me in my community how I did it.

It all just started with reframing my mindset. 

I lifted off my limiting beliefs and worked on my mentality. This book, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, written by Joseph Murphy has helped me in this aspect. 

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This 2024, I want to bring the same awareness and think bigger and beyond. I know that I can still explore the incredible potential of my subconscious mind. I want to reframe more of my beliefs so I can have a greater growth-oriented mindset.

Here are insights that I’d like to share with you and maybe, just maybe, it will help you to go out of your comfort zone and expand what’s possible in your life.

🧠We need to use the power of imagination and visualization.

One of the many things that resonated with me in this book is the potency of imagination and visualization in shaping our reality. It illustrates how our deeply held beliefs, when aligned with positive visualization, can manifest our desired outcomes. An example shared in the book is that of a movie actor who made his dream come true by constantly imagining he saw his name in big lights at a large theater.

According to Murphy, there are three steps to success. The third one points out that we must never forget the underlying power of the creative forces of our subconscious mind. A way to awaken its power is by imagining and visualizing. This is one line that I love from the book, “ If you imagine an objective clearly, you will be provided with the necessities through the wonder-working power of your subconscious mind.

I find this to be true. When I became clear with my decision that I will be going on a female solo trip in 2023, everything just went smoothly. I started getting thrilled mapping out my journey. I was like a child who was so excited for her piece of candy!

The moment I knew what I wanted, somehow, the resources I needed to materialize my plans found their way to me. 

🧠It pays to understand the influence of the subconscious mind.

Murphy extensively discusses the profound influence of the subconscious mind on our thoughts, behaviors, and life experiences. It can either support or hinder one’s potential for success, depending on the beliefs stored within it. It impacts self-confidence, communication styles, and the ability to attract or repel opportunities based on internal programming.

I remember going back to the pages of Chapters 1-3 just so I could absorb this.

I realized that all this time I’ve not been treating it as a partner to my success.  All this time, there is something sitting in me that could actually help me solve my problems and make me achieve my dreams. Truly, what a treasure house my subconscious mind is! Definitely, I will continue harnessing its power.

I managed to start reprogramming my mind when I came to know all this and for me it worked!

I’m replacing negative thought patterns with positive affirmations. I started sowing thoughts of happiness and fortune.

🧠There is a connection between faith and the subconscious.

Murphy explores the connection between faith and the subconscious mind. Furthermore, he highlights how faith can influence outcomes by creating a state of expectancy and belief in positive results.

The opening heading to this book is How This Book Can Work Miracles in Your Life. Upon seeing this, I knew that faith will be involved in the content. Although I’m not a religious person, I’m prayerful. I work on my faith and spirituality seriously. There were many unfortunate circumstances in my life that I was able to overcome because of my faith in a supreme being. 

Murphy emphasizes that faith acts as a powerful catalyst for change. When one has unwavering faith in a desired outcome, the subconscious mind interprets this belief as a command. It will work tirelessly to manifest that belief into reality.

By cultivating faith in my abilities and potential, I can challenge and replace my negative beliefs. This, in turn, fosters my personal growth.

These are major insights I’ve gained by reading this book. I hope that you can take the time to grab this piece and apply the wisdom shared. See how your life changes!

Cultivating a strong mentality is not a walk in the park. But, I strongly feel that if we become more intentional and consistent about it, we can develop and maintain a more positive and optimistic mindset. This will lead to a more fulfilling and successful life (however you define success). 

There are many practical techniques shared by Joseph Murphy. One that proved really helpful to me is the positive internal dialogue. It is such a game changer for me. Through this, I slowly broke free from self-imposed limitations that hindered my progress and success. I hope you also get to experience its amazing power. 

Are you ready to leverage the power of your subconscious mind for your personal growth and success this 2024? Let’s all have a transformative year!

Here are action sheets if you want to harness your subconscious mind!

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