A Japanese proverb states that, “Only by staying active will make you want to live a hundred years.”

We live at a beautiful era where we have convenient access to what we need in life to be successful and happy. The world gives us a strong reason not to waste time and accomplish everything we desire.

Snippets of Wonders was conceptualized in 2015 in line with this principle. By being in awe, in being curious, and in wondering — in those, we will experience the snippets of wonders!

Initially created to document travel journeys that trigger wonder and learning, Snippets of Wonders is now a registered online business in Sri Lanka. Through the courses, resources, and blog shared on the site, it hopes to be a go-to space online that helps its readers cultivate a sense of wonder which yields to creative learning.

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Who We Are

We are a registered education enterprise in Sri Lanka offering courses on personal and professional development with a vision to be the go-to space online that helps our readers cultivate a sense of wonder which then yields to creative learning.

We cater to the needs of adult learners who are self-directed and autonomous in their learning preferences.


Where We've Been

The founder, Maria Nerizza S. Veloso, has been in the teaching and training field for the last 16 years. She has worked overseas as a lecturer for adult learners and in parallel to this, she occupied roles in Marketing, Public Relations, and Student Management. Also, she has written courses and curriculum for coaches and institutes.

Snippets of Wonders has come a long way and plans to use this space to give readers online access to useful resources that can nurture them creatively and prompt them in taking action for their creative learning.


Where We're Going

Snippets of Wonders commits to growing as this will directly impact you, our readers and learners. We hope to add more courses, resources, and blog posts that will be useful to your creative learning.

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