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Our courses are for self-directed, motivated, and disciplined adults who prefer to learn outside the four walls of the classroom. We use techniques and tools that boost your creative and unconventional side.


Our learners will gain quick wins and see results right away because our lessons are designed to prompt you to take action. We share practical, tangible, and concrete steps that you can readily implement in your lives or work.


We integrate insights from different disciplines to give you personal enrichment. We use activities that encourage introspection and critical thinking. Our materials promote positive personal transformation.

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    Maria Nerizza S. Veloso-Liyanage

    • BS Education (Philippines)
    • Licensed Professional Teacher (Philippines)
    • TESOL-Certified (under TESOL Asia)
    • M. Ed in Leadership & School Improvement (Brunei)
    • Best Lecturer 2019 (Metropolitan College Sri Lanka)
    • Diploma in Strategic Brand Management (Sri Lanka)
    • Certificate in Entrepreneurial Marketing (Sri Lanka)
    • Certificate in Digital Marketing (Sri Lanka)
    • Certificate in Management and Entrepreneurship (Sri Lanka)

18 Years of Experience

Benefit from my skills and experiences!

English Language and Literature Teaching 85%
Life Skills Development 85%
Curriculum and Materials Preparation 90%
Teacher Training 80%
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Nationalities Taught

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Curriculum Projects Completed