August 9th until 13th is the most unforgettable time of the year for me and my colleagues because weheaded to The Philippines for a team building trip.

You might think that I should not be excited about it any more since we were going to my homeland anyway. But, then, who doesn’t like travelling? Certainly, not me!

Here is an expression of my feelings towards our recent team building trip to The Philippines!

Cosmopolitan College Goes to Philippines
Cosmopolitan College Goes to Philippines

Wait, before I proceed any further..let me tell you that we were actually on the sheets of Brunei Times News. Awesome,isn’t it?

What Makes Travelling and Team Building Extra Wonderful
What Makes Travelling and Team Building Extra Wonderful

Any organization (not necessarily a business entity), be it family, friends, basketball team, a class, would want its members to work together in harmony. What I realized after a decade of employment is that the people are the soul of its organization (literally and figuratively!).  How they collaborate will either uplift the organization or destroy it. Harmony! Yes, that is what we want. Wherever we go and whoever we are with, harmony is what we want to achieve. When there is harmony, greater things happen.

I might be wrong in this claim, but, this is based on what I have observed over 10 years of working with different organizations.

Team Building, in itself, is already a wonderful process. Now, mix it with travelling, and you make team building special. What makes travelling and team building extra wonderful? Here they are!

It reinforces the value of personal management
It reinforces the value of personal management.

You can’t just simply be disorganized when you’re travelling, specially, with a group of people. For those who are not so methodical in their lifestyle, well, guess what, you can try travelling. It will help you become systematic. You will find yourself preparing a to-bring list! And the wonderful part happens when you also remind others what to pack in their bags!


It gives you a good practice on financial management
It gives you a good practice on financial management.

Because you are travelling, you will be forced to make do with what you have. You cannot call home and ask for emergency money because that will be a bit inconvenient and impractical. Having a mindset of a traveller can help you choose to buy things wisely. If it is your first time to visit a country,  you might want to buy souvenirs that are worth your money. Avail of the facilities that you paid for such as the toiletries, swimming pool, shuttle service. Share resources with your team members and dine together to save on cost! What’s wonderful is that you are not being stingy, but, just being money-savvy!

The next one is actually a very significant learning for me.

It makes you guard one another from potential harm.
It makes you guard one another from potential harm.

Yes, travelling and team building makes you think of your team’s welfare. You cannot just simply do what makes you happy and leave your members. You have to consider others’ comfort and choices. And you know why this leaves a poignant learning for me? It increased my power to understand others! The villa where we stayed in is equipped with a centralized air-condition unit. I find it difficult to survive in a cold room. (Seriously?!….Yes!) But, I can’t just turn it off at my whim. I care about others in the same way I care about myself. So, I wrapped myself with 2 blankets to solve my problem and 2 of my colleagues slept beside me. I know they might not have wanted to sleep beside me, but, (again), I guess that’s what makes this really wonderful. You become more understanding of the situation of others!


It makes you feel young again.
It makes you feel young again.

Yes, you read that right! Almost 10 days have already passed by and I still could not erase the memories of watching the dolphin and sea lion shows. I wasn’t able to do these things when I was younger. I am not alone in this as some of my colleagues and friends have not tried any daring rides or hugged a life-sized stuffed toys!. I thank God for this opportunity to be able to these things at the age of 31. (Yikes!) Isn’t that a wonder?

And now here comes the serious part…

It gives you a different sense of fulfillment
It gives you a different sense of fulfilment.

Problems make teams survive and thrive. Big challenges build strong teams. All throughout the entire trip, we were attacked by different obstacles that confronted our group dynamics. Some worked together for camaraderie and fun. Some participated in the games because they wanted to win the prize. But there were other problems greater than these team building games to be solved and most of which involved dealing with the incapabilities of others. These incapabilities include waiting too long for someone to take a bath and dress up, being so fuzzy with food choice, waking up late in the morning. In actuality, these are small things, and yet, these small matters become big challenges for teams to overcome. When you are able to prevail over these matters, then, you come out as a stronger team. You will feel a different sense of fulfilment. And that indeed, is a wonder! 

Now, the last one…

It enhances communication
It enhances communication.

It is tough to be with 50 other people inside a bus, in a breakfast hall, inside an airport, and more so, inside a plane! Just imagine 50 excited, stubborn, and happy people all talking at the same time. Crazy scene!  Logistics and safety had to be ensured and that took a great deal of communication. We learned to listen more and pay attention to instructions and warnings.  It was  really a wonder how we managed to do the activities with very minimal problems on communication. Travelling and team building indeed enhance our communication abilities.

What Makes Travelling and Team Building Extra Wonderful
What Makes Travelling and Team Building Extra Wonderful

What Makes Travelling and Team Building Extra Wonderful? Need I say more? Well, you could suggest this to your organization and allow yourselves to experience the extra wonderful benefits of these endeavors!

A very wacky pose!
A very wacky pose!



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