In my 7 years of stay in Brunei, one of the few things that I really look forward to in the year is the Ramadan month. The whole environment suddenly changes and somehow our lives simply follow the rhythm. We get adjustments in our work schedule. On regular days, we finish work at 5pm, but during Ramadan month, we can go home at 2pm.  Because of this new schedule, I have more time to look back and check on areas of my life that I have ignored, forgotten or overlooked such as a hobby, exercise, rest, and plans. Furthermore, I have time to clutter up and detoxify my life! Personally, the Ramadan month makes me pause from my fast-paced life for a while and remind myself of things that truly matter.

During the Ramadan month, people become more understanding and more forgiving. This is another reason why I like this time of the year; it is a season for forgetting hurts, for realizing mistakes and for finding the effort to be a better person again. 


And the most exciting thing that I like about the Ramadan month is the Sungkai time. This is when Muslims break their fast during the Maghrib Prayer. This is a beautiful time when families and relatives gather, old high school friends get together, ex-colleagues catch up on their present career, students and teachers dine together. You will see smiles and hear laughter in restaurants. Such a delightful thing to see!






The Ramadan month ends today and I will surely miss it!

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