What I Love About my Trip to Singapore!

I went to Singapore with my close friend during the Chinese New Year in 2015 and fortunately enough, we managed to get good deals in so many things! Many people say that it is expensive to travel to Singapore, but, I beg to disagree! You just have to plan carefully so that you can maximize your budget.

We stayed there for 2.5 days and we were able to go to many places without shelling out a huge amount. I spent only about $580: $200 for the air tickets, $120 for the hotel accommodation and $200 for the entire stay! This amount also includes bus and train tickets, food, and souvenirs!

Here is my list of what I love about Singapore!

1. The Changi Airport

Who wouldn’t love the Changi Airport? It is superb, orderly and clean! It makes tourists feel at home. Almost everything that you need can be found inside: potable water, massage chair, sleeping lounge, charging sockets, internet connection, shower area, and many other facilities and services.




































2. Systematic and Efficient Public Train System


What I noticed about the train system here is that there is a green strip label for the passengers waiting for the train and there is a red strip label that serves as the area for those alighting the train. I saw how disciplined the people are and they do queue up and wait for their turn.

For me, the train ride was a wonderful experience because it was not crowded inside and people are considerate of other passengers’ space.





















3. Clean Public Buses IMG_4001









































4. The Cruise at the Singapore River


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