Tarlac’s Kart City – The Younger Generation’s Place-to-Be

KCT stands for Kart City Tarlac, but for me it’s Tarlac’s Kart City:the place to be.

I was born in my father’s hometown in the province of Tarlac, but, I grew up and studied in Manila. Every summer in the months of April and May as well as during Christmas and the New Year season, my family would visit my grandparents. Their place is quite rural as it is nearby plain fields and the sources of livelihood for most residents are agriculture, chicken and hog raising.

At that time, we would usually play with my aunts who were close to my age. We would play jump rope, hide and seek, kickball, and hopscotch. We would swing in the hammock and climb Aratilis trees. At night, we would go to the “perya” to try our luck to in winning the games.


After which, we will go and buy isaw, balut, or hotdog. That was what how we would spend our summer or Christmas in those days.

That was in the 1990s and I loved it that way for many years.

Trek forward to 2015 and things have changed quite differently!

Last year during the Christmas season, my travel buddy, Marianne, invited me to go to KCT, Kart City Tarlac and I learned that this is now the place-to-be for hanging out with friends.

Upon reaching the place, I got convinced that, indeed, it is the chill out place! There were so many people, of different ages, and statuses. The younger generation were literally, in the house!

In the late 1990’s, the place-to-be in Tarlac City was the dry market along F.Tanedo street. It was already considered a big deal in those days for us to be able to buy your favorite basketball player’s cards and posters and to enjoy a plate of spaghetti at Cindy’s. It was indeed happiness to take home Bal David’s posters!

Tarlac’s Kart City: The Place-to-Be was unbelievably busy that night. The area was packed and we had to wait on a very long queue! And this knocked my curiosity… Why would young people come to this crowded place?

Immediately upon getting the chance to enter the premises, I inspected the place and found the reasons. Oh well, apparently, this entertainment hub offers all categories of fun:

Game Room

Family Lounge

Good selection of food and beverage

Go kart racing 

and a Coffee Shop

Tarlac’s Kart City is The Place-to-Be because it has everything! I must say, this place really gave justice to the strategy of diversification of businessAnd I guess their chosen technique proves to be effective.

While waiting for our order, I went to the areas that intrigued me and observed the people inside. First, I went to the Sky Lounge and realized that it is situated advantageously in a high level, open, patio. I saw a group of men in their prime age enjoying their liquor & appetizer, chit chats, and the fresh air. Then, I snuck a peek at the Go Kart area. I wanted to try this one, but, as much as I would want to, the wait time was a staggering 45 minutes and the queue was long. If you have the skill in hitting targets, then, the best place for you is the Game Room. You may try your abilities in the billiard and dart games! If you are not into games and kart racing or if you are not interested in drinking any liquor, you can opt for the Coffee Shop instead.

As I walked, observed and captured the place and the people, I could not help but feel a bit lonely. Truth be told, things have changed over the years and I know that it will continue thereafter. It was a great night to have enjoyed this place and savored the new Apple flavor of San Miguel Beer, but, deep inside the heart of a 32-year-old married lady , I crave the old-school kind of entertainment. I miss those moments!

Well, Tarlac’s Kart City is The Place-to-Be because it brought me a lesson I won’t ever forget and that is to embrace every era, every trend, and every movement that happens in your life because those moments will pass…those moments will pass…

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    You’re really such a superv writer ate Neri! Featuring Tarlac – KCT makes me a proud Tarlaqueño.

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