Christmas Time And Baguio City Create The Best Fusion

As I cruised along the streets of Magsaysay, Loakan, Session Road, Pingsau, Burnham Park, Assumption Road, I realized that Christmas time and Baguio City do really create the best fusion.

The best time to go to Baguio is Christmas time! It’s probably because I could easily travel north because I come from Tarlac province. With the new TPLEX (Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Express Way), travel time becomes more convenient to go from my area to Baguio City. I don’t wish to go to Manila during this time because I don’t want to battle against the heavy traffic. I don’t wish to fly to Visayas region to explore places because usually, in this month, typhoons hit the region. So, my best option is to go up to the City of Pines, Baguio City.


Going up north

When I reached Baguio City, I felt the pleasant and delightful vibes of the season amidst the long queues, traffic, jam-packed restaurants, buy 1-take 1 promotions, families, price cuts, children, couples, different designs of Christmas tree, and many more. Signs of Christmas indeed!


Tired walking!

Night Market

Although Baguio City is acclaimed as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, I also deem Baguio City as the perfect lair for the Christmas season. From my perspective, Christmas Time and Baguio City create the best fusion because of certain special reasons.

The weather in Baguio City yields an awesome mood for the holiday season. Usually, residents experience a hot temperature of 23 degrees in May and then the temperature goes down to as low as 14 degrees in the month of December. You will see couples holding each other’s hand while walking and parents hugging their children. You will see young teens flock together in coffee shops to feel the warmth of friendship. Ladies wear their boots, cardigans and shawls. Men wrap themselves as well with their sweaters and jackets. Everyone feels the cold breeze and it strikes a feeling of sojourn, of retreat and of relaxation.


Of course, when it’s cold, we have this tendency to crave for moooooore food! Do you agree? And where is the best to place to experience that in December? but…. in Baguio! We’ve tried Cafe Cueva dishes inside Kiwing na Kahoy. You should check out this place as the concept is very unique and very artistic! We’ve tried their nachos, salad, strawberry waffle, biscotti, and gourmet tuyo! Everything is good! 🙂

Cafe Cueva


free taste of salad!


Strawberry waffles!

It’s also a good idea to head to Ebai’s Cafe for breakfast. We’ve tried their pansit, brewed coffee, green tea, chocolate cake and bulalo!

required jump shot!

at Ebai's

Chocolate cake!

Now, there’s dish getting really famous in Baguio City and it hails from Sultan Kudarat. It’s called BALBACUA!






Kiwing na Kahoy!
And who can forget Jollibee at this time oAnd who can forget Jollibee at this time of the year?! My favorite bucket meal!

bucket meal!

Walang kupas na chicken joy!
burger steak!

Jolllibee gravy!

We’ve also experienced the innovation of Book Cafe. Books + coffee = cozy feeling

Nowadays, it is a trend for coffee shops to be more innovative in their offerings. Book Cafe is usually packed with college students reviewing for their exams, doing their projects, brainstorming on their plans or simply hanging around. The concept is creative and very inviting to college students.

Book Cafe

Cafe Vienna

Here’s another villain to your diet this month! Belgian Waffles!

Belgian Waffles

I was in Baguio for 3 days only and yet, I felt like I’ve gained 3 kilos in total. There were so many reasons to get fat. Huhuhu…

But one thing that I will not regret doing while I was in Baguio was spending time with my siblings and cousin. Baguio City and Christmas time bring forth togetherness. Because of the ambience and delicious cuisine, it follows that family and friends are able to spend more time together. Siblings catch up with what’s happening in their own lives. Families go crazy over shopping. Siblings watch movie together (Starwars: The Force Awakens!) People find new friends. Bands play more songs because it’s Christmas. Restaurant crew smile more. Drivers become more considerate. It’s just amazing how this place and this month could affect the people in Baguio City!

With my siblings and new-found friends


And one major event that happens in Baguio City in December is the trade fair of Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA). Annually, they hold this event to serve as a platform for small scale businesses to showcase their products and earn an income. This year’s trade fair name was PEZAlubong. It was fun going around and we found high quality stuff such as cardigans, shorts, jersey, scarf and blankets for a reasonable price. If you’ re a fan of SM, that’s fine, but I encourage you all to please do try to buy from these shops as well. You will surely make their Christmas really happy. It happens every year so in December 2016, don’t forget!

PEZA gate

Despite the long queues, traffic and jam-packed places, I’m sure many visitors to Baguio City would agree to me that there’s something special in this City of Pines that makes Christmas more childlike, more festive and more enjoyable.

So next Christmas, don’t forget to head up north, take the TPLEX, have breakfast at Ebai’s Cafe, relish the cuisine available to you, experience a trend like sipping a coffee shop that looks somewhat like a library, walk the streets of Loakan, drop by Kiwing na Kahoy and try Balbacua, strike a conversation with the guests in that place, make new friends, watch a movie with your siblings, catch the queue in jeepneys and buy from the PEZA fair.

Enjoy because Christmas time and Baguio City create the best fusion!

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