Lesson Plan Ideas on War, Patriotism, Service or Bravery

One of the few songs that I learned to sing as a young girl was the song Voices that Care. A group of different singers sang this song and it was composed by David Foster. In 1991, it was tough to find out the lyrics of a certain song as there was no Youtube or Google. I had to tape record a song and play it over and over again just to get the words right. I remember getting enthusiastic about this song because of the several singers taking turns in singing.

In few of my teaching sessions, I have used this song as a tool to talk about war. You see, its not really easy to discuss war as it brings about negative feelings. Here is something that I’d like to share with you in hope of helping you out in facilitating a lesson on war, patriotism, bravery or service.

When you plan a lesson, it’s good be friends with your “PAL”. Yes, pal, as in

P-urpose, A-udience and L-ogistics

You have to be clear of your purpose. You have to establish your why. Why do you choose to teach about bravery? What do you want to achieve out of this?


I. Objectives:

At the end of this lesson

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