Snippets of Wonders_Are_you_prepared_for_on_the_job_training

Once in my professional life, I was in charge of the industrial attachment of the students in the college where I used to teach. This is the same concept as an on-the-job training for vocational students. It was a challenging task to ensure our students get a suitable placement. As the head, I wanted them to learn from the internship and at the same time enjoy every minute of it. Why work at something you do not find joy and wisdom in? It would be a futile effort.

Job satisfaction and learning can be made possible if students are prepared.

I believe that in any endeavor in life, we can only truly gain the maximum from it and experience all the facets of it if we are ready. Some would argue that we can’t be ready for every venture we decide to embark on. Although that view counts valid, too, I say, let’s execute our preparation with the level best that we can. At the end of the day, we harvest what we plant.

Here’s my advice for the younger people out there. I hope that you find this useful.












You are young and energetic. You are full of beautiful ideas. Work should not be seen as a hard toil. Carry out your tasks with the goal of becoming better in your field. Contribute change and stir action as and when necessary. Get to know the staff and the superiors you will meet. Learn from their work ethics and leadership.

Don’t forget to enjoy once in a while and flash your smile!