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By being in awe, being curious, and in setting our dreams---in those, we weill experience the snippets of wonders!


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“I met her at the university and she carried out her duties diligently and maintained an excellent relationship with us.She has strong conceptual knowledge and her exposure in the area is very good.I really admire her passion of teaching and that's my motivation as a lecturer today.”

Dumindi Gunathilaka
Lecturer of English at Aquinas University College,Assistant Director of NDH Industries
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  • Dumindi Gunathilaka
“Maria is a phenomenal person. She is also a people person and is very adaptive. I've worked with Ms. Maria and at one point, I have reported to her as my senior. She is an effective leader and a good role model. Maria is a constant learner and would always be willing to share her knowledge to others. Curiosity and humility are two of her defining attributes. Resilience is what drives her to be better at any task being assigned to her.”

Ivy Ang
Learning Business Partner at Comquest Sdn Bhd
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  • Ivy Ang