Welcome to my page!

This is where I post my messages and lessons on productivity and inspiration, which for me, are total wonders!

We only live once and if we live it constructively with energy and purpose, it would be such joy to spend our days here on Earth with our family, friends, and the community. It would be a delight to look forward to working on our goals, acting on our imaginations, breaking  free from our fears, and fulfilling our creativity.

Life is not easy, but it does not also have to be complicated. Allow me to share with you some resources and stories on how you can stay positive, uplift your energy, and boost your personal efficiency. 

There are wonders in you. You just have to look within you and set your intentions on fire to discover them.

Enjoy in exploring my page and feel free to contact me at maria@snippetsofwonders.com.


  1. Maria,

    Going to miss having you around here. Takecare always love!

    Keep in touch.


    1. Thanks, Yana! Take care, too! 🙂

  2. Monserrat says:

    Ate! Keep doing what you’re doing.
    Your existence and your passion makes the world a better. Love you.

    Your dearest sister


  3. Thanks, dear sister! 🙂

  4. Chamika says:

    This is an interesting Blog,
    Keep on going with your good work,
    May the Triple Jem Bless You!

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