No one is ever too old for play. Yup, that’s right! We can all be young again at the Jerudong Park Playground!

Last Saturday, November 28, my students gave me the chance to explore Jerudong Park Playground and to make me feel young again. It was part of their surprise for me because I will be leaving Brunei Darussalam for good. In my 7 years of stay in this country, it was my first time to visit the place and it happened during the last month of my stay as a foreign worker. What a beautiful irony!

As it was my first try here, let me share with you some bits of information about Jerudong Park or what most Bruneians fondly call it, “JP”.

It was first built in 1994 as one of the projects of Prince Jefri Bolkiah. The Jerudong Park Playground can be found within the huge area of Jerudong Park and Polo Country Club.  In this location, one can find the Jerudong Park Ampitheatre, Jerudong Park Medical Centre, Royal Brunei Golf and Country Club, Jerudong Equestrian Park, and Royal Brunei Polo Club.

Well-known artists have also graced this place and have been invited to perform in the Jerudong Ampitheathre. Great singers like the late Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston have made their presence and talent felt in this big theatre.

Fast forward to 21 years, JP is now the new hangout place for families, kids, teens and events! It was given a new face just last year with additional rides, landscape and scenes. I have been to several theme parks and amusement centres and what I like about JP is that the rides are not extreme which makes the place friendly to the crowd.

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